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Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco began producing commercial quantities of crude oil in 1938. Since then we have built a reputation for unmatched reliability in supplying crude oil to energy markets around the world. Today, this essential energy source remains at the core of our business.


Over 80 years of access to largely conventional petroleum reserves, combined with the application of leading industry and proprietary technologies, gives us the ability to consistently drive high value at low cost and to operate efficiently across high demand product segments.


Saudi Aramco produces five different grades of crude oil. These are: Arabian Heavy, Arabian Medium, Arabian Light, Arabian Extra Light, and Arabian Super Light. This gives us the flexibility, guided by our outlook and assessment of future refinery requirements in our markets, to optimize our crude oil production mix to always meet our customer’s needs. And we continue to invest in our upstream capabilities to ensure we meet rising demand, well into the future.


Trading with us since: January 2018
Location: Saudi Arabia
Value: $400.120,00
Investors website: www.saudiaramco.com